Joining The Lab

For Graduate Applicants

Dr. Ahn will be accepting one or more graduate students for Fall 2020. Prospective graduate students interested in working in the Thinking Lab should apply for admission to the Psychology Department, Yale University.

Dr. Ahn’s primary area is Cognitive Psychology, but depending on your specific research interests, you can apply to a different area. For instance, Professor Frank Keil and Professor Paul Bloom, who also study causality, dualism, and concepts, are listed under Developmental Psychology. If you are interested in in clinical reasoning or mental disorder concepts, but want to receive formal clinical training, you would apply to the clinical area. Either way, if you want to join the Thinking Lab, your research statement must explicitly mention Dr. Ahn as a potential advisor or joint advisor (in case you are applying to a different area), and demonstrate your understanding of our lab’s research.

Before you submit your application, please email to let us know about your interest in the Thinking Lab. This will ensure that I will look out for your application. In addition, there are many potential research topics that are not stated in the Research section of Thinking Lab, and we can discuss whether your research interests and background match well with the Thinking Lab.